Certified excavator training: the new law and what you need to be compliant

Certified excavator training: the new law and what you need to be compliant

You need to be compliant by Saturday, May 4, 2019

Who is required by law to be trained?

Please note, while this law was poorly written the intent is for safe excavation of underground facilities.  AGC NYS recommends getting the required training for the appropriate employees ASAP, and providing any additional training to supervisory staff and crew members working with underground facility excavations as good business practice.**

You can find a PDF copy of the table above here.

How can I get trained?

Please be cognizant of the location you are working in with regards to these trainings.  If your company performs excavations within the five boroughs of New York City and Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island – please refer to Certified courses through NY 811.  If your company performs excavations elsewhere in the State – please refer to Certified courses through Dig Safely NY.  Certifications are active for 5 years, Dig Safely does require a 1 year refresher, however this is not required by law.

In person excavation classes can be requested through any one call facility.  Online options exist with Dig Safely and NY 811, consisting of an approximately 2 hour course with an exam at the end.
Your company can become a trainer by applying through the Public Service Commission and using their developed course curriculum provided in Appendix A of the PSC White Paper.

Open Commenting period to Public Service Commission:

How can my voice be heard?

 As the regulating and enforcement agency, the PSC has created a White Paperas a guidance document.  This is a DRAFT document which is set to be finalized in April 2019.  PSC has opened this document to comments from the industry. We encourage you to comment to Sarah at AGC for incorporation in AGC’s response to the white paper.  Comments are due to Sarah by  – these will include by are not limited to:

    • Enforcement grace period from May 4, 2019  to August 1, 2019
    • Clarify and/or Define Owner/Principle/Officer (National companies, International Companies, Publicly owned companies?)
    • Clarify for local governments and state entities who training is required for so proper documentation can be provided

Comments are due to Sarah Hill by Wednesday, March 13, 2019

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