Cemen Tech expands ACCU-POUR™ compatibility

Cemen Tech expands ACCU-POUR™ compatibility

Cemen Tech recently announced that ACCU-POUR, the company’s advanced suite of cloud-based productivity solutions for volumetric concrete mixer users, is now compatible with all volumetric mixers available on the market today. Originally developed to integrate with Cemen Tech C60 mixers, ACCU-POUR is now compatible with Cemen Tech M Series mixers as well as other volumetric mixers developed by competitive OEMs.

In addition to the expanded compatibility, ACCU-POUR now offers even more advanced custom reporting. The reporting module now has the ability to filter data based on mixer, operator, city or ZIP code. This allows business owners to generate custom reports for more accurate job bidding, improved forecasting, productivity monitoring and more.

“The continued development and expansion of our ACCU-POUR suite illustrates our leadership and commitment towards developing the most innovative and advanced volumetric concrete production software solutions for the industry,” said Connor Deering, CEO/president of Cemen Tech. “Now, ACCU-POUR is no longer confined to Cemen Tech equipment – it can be utilized by any business owner with a volumetric mixer.”

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