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CDRA announces record number of best practices in safety awards

The Construction & Demolition Recycling Association (CDRA) has announced the recipients of its Safety Awards ahead of the 2024 C&D World Convention.

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This year, CDRA received a record number of member companies with qualification for the Best Practices in Safety Award, underscoring the industry’s unwavering dedication to safety. “Our industry necessitates nothing less than excellence in safety protocol, and these companies showed innovation and dedication towards ensuring the security of their employees and worksites. We’re proud to award these members for their exemplary practices,” stated Jason Haus, CDRA President and CEO of Dem-Con Companies. CDRA has long recognized leaders in the C&D industry who demonstrate dedication to safe practices. We’re proud to present these
awards to our member companies that have achieved a high level of safety management.

Silver Winners
• Construction and Demolition Recycling, Inc.
• Rockwood Sustainable Solutions
Gold Winners
• Arcosa Crushed Concrete
• Champion Waste & Recycling Services
• Coastal Waste & Recycling, Inc.
• Dem-Con Companies
• JR Ramon Demolition
• Lautenbach Recycling
• Michael Brothers Companies
• Mount Materials
• Posillico Materials
• Premier Recycle Company
• ReSource Waste Services
• Southwind RAS, LLC
• van der Linde Recycling

Construction and demolition recycling and related operations have inherent risk factors, and the most successful operators have created specific action plans to minimize those risks and create a safety culture. The CDRA developed the Best Practices in Safety awards program to recognize companies that have achieved a high level of safety management and to identify a level of safety performance that will help C&D operators manage their business.

All award winners were recently honored as part of the CDRA’s Annual Membership Meeting at C&D World 2024.


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