• CDRA announces 2020 C&D award winners

    CDRA announces 2020 C&D award winners
    The Construction & Demolition Recycling Association has announced a new inductee to its prestigious C&D Hall of Fame, as well as C&D Recycler of the Year, and CDRA Member of the Year for 2020.  The awards will be presented at C&D World 2020 March 11 in Las Vegas.
    C&D Hall of Fame
    This institution is to honor those prominent leaders and pioneers in the Construction and Demolition Recycling industry who have made an extraordinary contribution to the industry and who have earned the respect of the industry. Additionally, to honor those who have made an extraordinary contribution to their community, both personally and professionally.

    To recognize the achievements of those who have shown, by their example, the importance of promoting and defending the environmentally sound recycling of Construction and Demolition material through innovative processes along with encouraging and supporting others to build a career in the Construction and Demolition Recycling Industry.

    To recognize leadership in advocating for environmentally sound practices with the regulating agencies and legislative bodies governing waste regulations.
    John Kurtz – Mr. Kurtz is the second generation in the family business, Kurtz Brothers. Kurtz Bros., Inc. is a 71-year-old family business based in Independence, OH, that was started by Mel and Dolores Kurtz in 1948. Their sons John (who is president), Greg and Tom Kurtz are currently still involved in the business. Established originally as a topsoil manufacturer and distributor, Kurtz Bros., Inc., has grown to become the leader in waste-to-resource, servicing dozens of different industrial sectors, homeowners, companies, communities and agencies, including becoming a major C&D recycler in Northeast Ohio.
    John has worked tirelessly to promote the CDRA and the C&D industry through his long-time membership on the CDRA Board. He has represented the CDRA to both the vinyl industry and the biomass market at their industry events. And Kurtz Brothers has been a sponsor of the CDRA since its sponsorship program began.
    John is also active in the local community and is a strong Notre Dame fan.
    “John exemplifies the best in the C&D recycling industry,” said Terry Weaver, CDRA President. “His service and innovation in the industry, as well as his work for the association and the local community, make him deserving of this honor.”
    C&D Recycler of the Year
    The Recycler of the Year is meant to honor those Recycling Operations in the Construction and Demolition Recycling industry who have made an extraordinary contribution to the industry through the one or more of the following criteria:
    • Advancing business operations that result in increased recycling percentages
    • Developing novel methods of marketing and conducting business
    • Innovative practices in employer-employee relations
    • Ensuring safer operations
    • Protecting the environment
    • Developing industry standards
    DTG Recycling Services, a full service, multi-discipline recycling company in the Puget Sound area of Washington state, is the C&D Recycler of the Year. The company has eight processing operations in the region that handle all materials from concrete to plastics. Among the company’s recent accomplishments:
    1) Opened two greenfield MRFs 2) Acquired and saved a failing MRF and immediately tripled its incoming tonnage, saving 18 jobs 3) Acquired a landfill that had no recycling functions; immediately began recovery of wood and metal from incoming material; other materials to be recycled soon with approval of submitted permit 4) Launched a mattress recycling division that now processes 200 units per day 5) Developed an alternative fuel saving 200 tpd from entering landfill 6) Worked with local marine conservancy program to establish derelict fish net recycling program 7) Instituted $16/hr livable wage, exceeding livable wage calculation by the local county 8)Launched DTG University – Curriculum for managers to receive formal training to advance their careers 9) Launched formal heavy equipment training and certification program providing upward mobility for field staff 10)Hired a sustainability manager to communicate real world sustainability stats back to workforce 11) Hire outside consultants to conduct thorough audits of environmental, safety, industrial hygiene and then made all suggested corrections, improvements with the year. 12) Launched a 52-week safety training program for all employees 13) Instituted automatic 1% raises every 90 days for all hourly employees 14) Instituted industry-leading safety efforts including rolling stock with LED lights that cast safety lights on ground, two full-time safety inspectors, and safety incentive programs 15)Installed forward and in-cab cameras on all trucks 16) Installed GPS tracking on all trucks that also track harsh braking, hard cornering etc. and assigns a weekly DOT risk score 17) Begin using a smartphone app that allows field personnel to scan QR code of equipment and describe repairs needed 18) Begin using smartphone app with QR code to conduct and verify inspection being completed on equipment, first aid kits etc. 19)Became fully compliant with OSHA’s employee silica exposure rule six months before required, and 20) Adopted use of KPIs to track and communicate company performance to management.
    CDRA Member of the Year
    The Member of the Year will be selected based on extraordinary service to the mission of the organization and the C&D Recycling industry during the previous 12-month period.
    Brandon Lapsys, Komptech Americas is being recognized for his work on the CDRA’s Membership/Marketing Committee. Brandon, who serves as co-chair of the committee, has helped drive membership increases for the CDRA, while also providing guidance on the association’s marketing efforts.

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