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CDRA announces 2018 award winners

The Construction & Demolition Recycling Association has announced two inductees to its prestigious C&D Hall of Fame, as well as C&D Recycler of the Year, and CDRA Member of the Year for 2018. The awards were presented at C&D World 2018 Feb. 10-13 in Nashville, TN.

C&D Hall of Fame

This institution is to honor those prominent leaders and pioneers in the Construction and Demolition Recycling industry who have made an extraordinary contribution to the industry and who have earned the respect of the industry. Additionally, to honor those who have made an extraordinary contribution to their community, both personally and professionally.

To recognize the achievements of those who have shown, by their example, the importance of promoting and defending the environmentally sound recycling of Construction and Demolition material through innovative processes along with encouraging and supporting others to build a career in the Construction and Demolition Recycling Industry.

To recognize leadership in advocating for the environmentally sound practices with the regulating agencies and legislative bodies governing waste regulations.

CDRA inducted two people into the C&D Hall of Fame.

Leonard Cherry — Mr. Cherry is President of Houston-based Cherry Companies, a wide ranging recycling and demolition firm that has 13 concrete recycling and stabilized materials sites. The company also processes asphalt shingles and tires. Mr. Cherry served on the board of the CDRA, and is active in the local community.

Ken Hoving — Mr. Hoving was President of K Hoving Companies in West Chicago, IL until its purchase by Lakeshore Recycling Systems, where he stayed on as an executive until his recent retirement. A long-time member of the Chicago waste industry, Mr. Hoving built up the C&D recycling operation until it was the most modern one in the Chicago area. He served on the CDRA Board, including as Member At Large on the Executive Committee. He is well known for his far-flung charity work.

“Both of these gentlemen exemplify the best in the C&D recycling industry,” said Troy Lautenbach, CDRA President. “Their service and innovation in the industry, as well as their work for the association and their communities, make them deserving of this honor.”

C&D Recycler of the Year

The Operator of the Year is meant to honor those Recycling Operations in the Construction and Demolition Recycling industry who have made an extraordinary contribution to the industry through the one or more of the following criteria:

• Advancing business operations that result in increased recycling percentages
• Developing novel methods of marketing and conducting business
• Innovative practices in employer-employee relations
• Ensuring safer operations
• Protecting the environment
• Developing industry standards

A full service, multi-discipline recycling company in Austin, TX is the winner of this award. At its one site, the Recon Services facility provides concrete, mixed C&D, metals and shingle recycling, as well as roll-off service. Austin is a progressive city expecting the best in all types of recycling, and Recon is the only true full-service recycler in town. Owner Walter Biel is also progressive and open to innovation. He installed the first ever robotic sorting equipment on a C&D operation in North America. In addition, Recon is certified by the Recycling Certification Institute, providing its LEED customers an extra point no other company in Texas can.

CDRA Member of the Year

The Member of the Year will be selected based on extraordinary service to the mission of the organization and the C&D Recycling industry during the previous 12-month period.

John Schumacher, Assurance Agency is being recognized for the excellent work he did in creating from scratch a Safety Awards program for the CDRA.

The first Safety Awards were handed out at C&D World 2018, Feb. 10-13 in Nashville. All the other honors will be bestowed at that time, as well.


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