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CBI debuts newest horizontal grinder at NEFP

5800BT Horizontal Grinder

The 6800CT Horizontal Grinder made its live premiere on May 11th in Vermont.

ESSEX JUNCTION, VT – Guests at the 2018 Northeastern Forest Products Equipment Expo had the first-ever look at CBI’s newest horizontal grinder: the Magnum Force 6800CT. CBI premiered the 6800CT with the TSC 80T Tracked Conveyor this weekend at the Northeastern Forest Products Equipment Expo in Vermont.

CBI equipment was paired with Terex Ecotec’s TWH 226 Material Handler, showing the complementary value of both Terex Corporation brands in a single operation.
Relentlessly improving on the 6800BT’s design, the 6800CT’s 190-degree screening area lets production rates surge beyond 200 tons an hour. The naturally efficient design of CBI’s offset helix rotor minimizes kinetic energy loss from each strike, requiring less power to rotate while evenly distributing wear and outproducing the competition. Ripping material right through it, this machine processes land clearing debris, pallets, clean industrial waste, stumps, logs, and whole trees as fast as it can be loaded, giving owners command over intense production deadlines.
The CBI & Ecotec Booth featured seven other pieces of logging equipment: a 5800BT Horizontal Grinder, a ChipMax 484BT Whole Tree Chipper, a TSC80T Tracked Conveyor, a TWH 226 Waste Handler, an XP Log & Stump Screw, an XLP Log & Stump Screw, and a static display of the CBI Ripper Tooth. In total, there were six live demos during show hours with two static displays of the XLP Screw and Ripper Tooth.
6800CT Horizontal Grinder
Live Demonstration
5800BT Horizontal Grinder
Live Demonstration
TSC80T Tracked Conveyor
Live Demonstration
TWH 226 Waste Handler
Live Demonstration
XP Log & Stump Screw
Live Demonstration
XLP Log & Stump Screw
Static Display on Stand
Ripper Tooth 
Static Display on Stand
“The 6800CT has been designed completely with the end user in mind, including serious production and maintenance upgrades,” said Art Murphy, Director of Sales and Marketing at Terex Environmental Equipment. “We paired the 6800CT with a new TSC80T Tracked Conveyor, the first in an array of stacking conveyor options that CBI plans to offer North American customers. From our attachment line, we showcased the new Grizzly Tooth ripper attachment as a static display.” 
CBI & Ecotec will be exhibiting in Germany this week at IFAT 2018 from May 14th – 18th and also in Virginia at Expo Richmond May 18th – 19th.
A video recap of this weekend’s event can be found at this link.


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