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NSSGA announces safety training opportunities

NSSGA’s next webinar on March 20 will feature Brianna Eiter, Ph.D., and Timothy Orr, from NIOSH, who will demonstrate EXAMiner, a workplace examination tool that finds and fixes potential work hazards. Also, find out where the closest MSHA Spring Thaw event is near you. Aggregates operations perform workplace examinations to find and fix potential hazards […]

Research looks at cost-effectiveness in silica dust exposure fight

Source: Daily Commercial News Personal protective equipment (PPE) is not always the most cost-effective means of protecting workers from dangers associated with exposure to silica dust, according the findings of a Canadian research team. When looking at the estimated cancers averted by PPE (using NIOSH-approved half-face respirators) versus wet methods of dust suppression (water spray, […]

Preparing for an emergency

Preparing for  an emergency

by Jon M. Casey When it comes to preparing for an emergency, it seems that most people are not really prepared. That’s why it’s called an emergency. But what if you could make preparations when there was no emergency, to get ready for the time when clear thinking instead of chaos might be the better […]

NIOSH hazard recognition software now available

NIOSH hazard recognition software now available

In early 2017 RockRoadRecycle (which was NAQN at the time) featured a two-part series entitled “The psychology of mine safety — How do mine workers search for and find worksite hazards,” by Brianna M. Eiter, Timothy Orr and Jason Navoyski. The series was based on research being conducted at NIOSH during that time with a […]

Good catch or near miss? Why the answer matters

Good catch or near miss?  Why the answer matters

Source: EHS Today  | Charles Douros | Jan. 28, 2019 The distinction between the two very different programs is an important one. Each has their own place in a healthy safety culture and each brings different data to light. “Whew, that was a close one. He could have been killed. Today must be his lucky […]