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  • Organic recyclers and composters improve profitability with one versatile

    TETERBORO, NJ — ALLU Group Inc. introduces its line of Screener Crusher attachments for organic recyclers and composters. This line of attachments processes food waste in a single step — screening out contaminants and unwanted materials, reducing material to a uniform size, mixing and placing it into windrows for composting, as well as turning and […]

    Composting Municipal Green Waste at Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority

    by Al Dorantes Composted yard waste at Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority (OHSWA) begins with the residents of Oneida and Herkimer counties. It is from their homes and businesses that green waste ends up in the recycling center in Utica, NY, That is, once the waste has been collected by municipalities. Day in and day out, […]

    Thursday, December 4, 2014

    Events COMPOST 2015 January 20-23, 2015. Renaissance Hotel, Austin, TX Maintenance 2015 Seminar; Jan 27- 30, 2015. Houston, TX C & D World March 28 – 31, 2015. Nashville, TN International Biomass Conference & Expo April 20 – 22, 2015. Minneapolis, MN Upstate Shredding Buys Recycling Firm Murtagh Scrap Upstate Shredding LLC-Ben Wietsman Recycling has […]

    Large screener crusher attachment turns loaders and excavators unto high efficiency processing machines for mining applications

    As costs for fuel, personnel, equipment and regulatory compliance rise, the extraction of resources from the ground in North America is becoming more expensive and complex. Inefficiency in the mining process adds to the cost of doing business, and often is a result of unnecessary processing steps, extra handling and wasted material.

    St. Louis Composting profits from new Komptech Multistar XXL

    by Jon M. Casey It wasn’t too long ago that Patrick and Rebecca Geraty made the move from full time landscaping contractors to that of a full time compost producer. That was in 1992. Since then, St. Louis Composting has grown from a single site operation to the St. Louis Metropolitan area’s largest composting company […]

    Electric tub grinder gives Martin Animal Bedding added safety and fuel cost savings.

    by Jon M. Casey When it comes to “finding a need and filling it,” Martin Animal Bedding of Goshen, IN has done just that. By diverting post-manufacturing wood waste materials generated by Elkhart County RV and mobile home manufacturers from local landfills, Martin Animal Bedding turns the wood waste into highly desirable animal bedding material […]

    Kafka Granite recycles an unusual variety of specialty materials

    by Mary Weaver Although Kafka Granite’s focus is on supplying high quality aggregate in a multitude of colors, to the architectural market, Glenn Kafka, owner, has long been known to lend a helping hand in solving problems faced by other businesses. In fact, Glenn Kafka’s problem-solving abilities have somewhat unexpectedly, landed him in the recycling […]

    Sunshine Recycling attributes their success to exceptional material handlers

    by Gwenyth Laird Pernie Material handling attachments are essential to success in the scrap and recycling industry. According to Joe Rich, owner of Sunshine Recycling, Orangeburg, SC, attachments are like “hands” to the recycler. They are what come in direct contact with the feedstock. More importantly, the machines that support the attachments are only as […]

    Morbark’s Boxer is a mini-skid steer capable of handling numerous tasks

    by Jon M. Casey For contractors who are looking for ways to streamline their operation and at the same time, increase productivity, the Boxer® compact utility loader, manufactured by Morbark®, Inc., is capable of handling work of all kinds. Morbark purchased the Boxer Equipment product line from Mertz Manufacturing, LLC in late 2012. Following a […]

    Ben Weitsman of Owego recycles materials with precision

    by Jon M. Casey For customers of Ben Weitsman of Owego, NY, the Weitsman “retail” scrap metal recycling center is a familiar sight. However, for those of us who have never visited this extremely well run and well maintained facility, touring the company’s facility was memorable. With the friendliness that only a local establishment can […]

    IROCK builds tough, innovative equipment

    by Jon M. Casey IROCK® has been building crushing and screening equipment for more than twenty years. With their headquarters located in Valley View, Ohio, a suburb of metropolitan Cleveland, IROCK prides itself as being an American business located in an area known for its quality equipment manufacturing. Recently, Waste Handling Equipment News had the […]

    New crusher improves productivity and profitability

    Terex CRJ 3054 portable jaw crusher preps material for faster processing. by Jon M. Casey In December 2012, Ford Motor Company’s land development arm announced that it had sold approximately three fourths of its former Wixom Assembly Plant to Trident Barrow Management, a company within New York based Barrow Development. At the same time, Ford […]

    New, self-propelled tracked grinder gives Park Enterprise Construction more opportunity for custom grinding

    by Jon M. Casey It is hard to believe that a portable grinder that is not quite two months old already has more than 300 hours of operation on it, but that certainly is the case of the new Diamond Z DZH4000TKT unit that was recently purchased by Eric Park of Park Enterprise Construction Company […]

    Recyclers find new products aplenty at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014

    by Jon M. Casey For recyclers and contractors looking for new ways to improve their businesses and to process material more efficiently, CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014 offered a wide variety of new products and services to satisfy those needs. With more than 2000 vendors exhibiting equipment and services to support just about every area of construction and […]

    Productive Equipment is Just What the Doctor Ordered

    It’s rare that a company name describes the product or service that firm offers. Think Apple, Starbucks, Google or Exxon/Mobil, and those monikers hardly hint at what’s behind them. With The Tree Doctor, however, what you see is literally, what you get. The Rhode Island-based company, uses a combination of up-to-date technology and a proven […]

    The Rockster-technology: Perfect for Asphalt-Recycling

    Broken asphalt recycling is profitable and it also protects the environment. Recent machine tests conducted by recyclers showed that Rockster ‘s technology is ideal for recycling old asphalt. A well-known Austrian asphalt mixing plant operator recently supplied Rockster with real value calculations which are definitely impressive. Even with addition of only 10 % recycled asphalt […]

    Recycling with efficiency

    Developing a solid relationship with Demolition Technologies Specialized Services, Inc., enables Crushing Tigers and Sandvik to impact the demolition and recycling industry in Oklahoma by Giles Lambertson on behalf of Sandvik. Concrete products are manufactured to last almost forever. So why discard the sturdy material just because the useful life of a building or highway […]

    “Find a need and fill it” means something more to this recycler

    by Jon M. Casey For those who use the expression, “Find a need and fill it” as a prescription for success, that motto means several things to Steve Geiger, owner of Geiger Excavating, Inc. At his company’s concrete and asphalt recycling yard located at a former landfill site in Gahanna, OH, Geiger and his staff […]

    Hard wood, soft mud, tough grind

    Persistent rains, saturated soils and dense woods hamper efforts to clear a 90-foot wide pipeline path through the Big Thicket region in East Texas. by Randy Happel, features writer —Two Rivers Marketing, Des Moines, Iowa on behalf of Vermeer – Pella, Iowa Because of Texas’s immense size and topography, climate changes dramatically from one side […]

    Sandvik’s new distribution center offers added customer support

    by Jon M. Casey For the dealers and customers of Sandvik Construction Mobile Crushers and Screens in North America, the recent opening of the company’s distribution center in Bensalem, PA has been a “feather in the cap” of Sandvik Mobile when it comes to product sales support. According to Stu Gamble, Business Line manager for […]

    Fall Demo Days give Morbark Dealers and Customers a first-hand look at how equipment is made and performs

    by Jon M. Casey For the people who attended the Fall 2013 Morbark Demo Days at the home office in Winn, MI, their two-day event, October 10 and 11 was a huge success. With ample opportunity to tour the massive manufacturing facility on Thursday and field demonstrations of the company’s leading products on Friday, those […]

    “Find a need and fill it” means something more to this recycler

    by Jon M. Casey For those who use the expression, “Find a need and fill it” as a prescription for success, that motto means several things to Steve Geiger, owner of Geiger Excavating, Inc. At his company’s concrete and asphalt recycling yard located at a former landfill site in Gahanna, OH, Geiger and his staff […]

    Concrete recycling is but one facet of this contracting “gem”

    S.B. Cox Celebrates 50 years of serving Central Virginia by Jon M. Casey When it comes to a company diversifying into businesses that appear to compliment the original enterprise, they are rarely successful beyond a second business or two. Over time, they rarely make a go of it. Not so, with S. B. Cox, Inc. […]

    The right tools for the job gives Crispin Auto Wrecking an edge

    by Jon M. Casey For former excavation contractor Don Boyce, Don has come to realize the value of having the right tool for the job when it comes to profitable salvage operations. Boyce, who has owned Crispin Auto Wrecking since 1977, said that he recently finished upgrading his material handling fleet, having switched over from […]