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Innovative belt cleaning technology eliminates carryback at cement plant

The global leader in conveyor belt cleaning technology has helped a Detroit cement producer stop excessive carryback and equipment fouling by installing a revolutionary primary cleaner designed for punishing applications. With a significant reduction in carryback, spillage, and labor for cleanup, the plant was able to improve workplace safety, lower the cost of operation and […]

New BOMAG BM 2200/75 cold mill built for power, production and efficiency

With its powerful 760.3 hp diesel engine, the new BOMAG BM 2200/75 delivers high performance milling of half-lane widths reaching 86.6-inches at precise milling depths of up to 13.8-inches. Offering range of quick change milling drums options and efficient transition of engine to milling power, this largest cold mill in the BOMAG product line is […]

Materials recovery facility incorporates MicroCool’s eco-friendly water mist to reduce dust and odors

Athens Services cutting-edge recycling and waste handling facility in Sun Valley, CA has chosen MicroCool for water based fog systems that minimize dust and odors. The facility incorporates a system that automatically disperses water fog as trucks enter or exit the building. Additional fog nozzles are located near exhaust points so that dust and odors […]

In Focus: NETZSCH multiple screw pumps deliver superior asphalt handling solutions

Leading screw pump manufacturer’s smart technology surmounts challenges Sometimes mined, but most often manufactured, the transportation and handling of asphalt is a challenging enterprise. Asphalt in the latter form is a carefully extracted residue resulting from the distillation process of selected crude oils like petroleum.