Brokk welcomes Matt Lyons to North American service team

Brokk welcomes Matt Lyons to North American service team

MONROE, WA – Brokk, the world’s leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines, welcomes Matt Lyons to the team as its newest training and application specialist. Over the past year, the company has enhanced training and support services across North America, providing easier access to both in-person and digital educational opportunities for customers through facility upgrades and new hires. Lyons joins a highly skilled team of six training specialists who have more than 165 years combined experience. Based in the northeast, he will provide on-site and virtual safety and application training for customers in a variety of operations including interior and top-down demolition, road and bridge repair, and confined-space operation.

“Brokk machines can revolutionize safety and productivity on the jobsite, but like any piece of heavy equipment, properly trained operators are necessary for optimal results,” said Lars Lindgren, president of the Brokk Inc. “We are excited to welcome Matt as an integral part of our training team. We believe his extensive experience with Brokk machines will make him a valuable asset to Brokk customers and operators looking to maximize their potential through new applications or techniques.”

Before joining Brokk, Lyons spent 25 years as an operating engineer based in Boston, MA. There he gained extensive experience with several models of Brokk machines as well as other heavy equipment on demolition projects nationwide, working in paper mills, foundries, nuclear and other facilities.

Now, as an official Brokk team member, he will share that expertise with other Brokk operators to increase safety and productivity on jobsites across North America.

“From the beginning, I was impressed with the capabilities of Brokk machines,” Lyons said. “It made every new project exciting. As a training and application specialist, I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned with other operators and helping them get the most out of their Brokk equipment — in terms of safety and efficiency.”

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