• BOSS launches new plows and accessories for snow removal

    IRON MOUNTAIN, MI — BOSS Snowplow expands its snow and ice removal arsenal to help professionals prepare for the upcoming winter storm season. Now available, the durable, rubber-edged SK-R collection offers quieter plowing operation and protection to sensitive surfaces. Backdrag edges are now available for even more plow models, including 8’ and 10’ box plows and XT V-plows. Also now available in V-plow accessories are urethane cutting edges to help snowplow owners increase efficiency and profitability in every situation. Available for the first time in stainless steel, plow professionals now have another powerful option in the XT plow collection with optional plow wings, also in stainless steel.

    “BOSS listens to our customers’ needs and challenges, and one of the things we’ve learned is that snowstorms and snow customers can be very different from the Northeast to the Midwest and from DOT and commercial jobs to residential and HOA work,” said Mark Klossner, marketing vice president for BOSS Snowplow. “A wide variety of plow types, materials and accessories are necessary, and we continue to grow our product line to meet the business needs of all snow and ice professionals.”

    Skid Steers
    Box plows for skid steers are designed to unlock the full force and maneuverability of the skid steer to get pavements back to black. The all-new SK-R 8’ and SK-R 10’ offer a tough and durable rubber edge that can stand up to winter’s worst. The new backdrag edge accessory is also available for the 8’ and 10’ SK-R and SK box plows. To backdrag with a skid steer box plow, rotate the box plow forward and pull snow away from buildings, doors or objects.

    The SK-Rs offer the standard features of the SK box plow family with three new feature innovations:
    • 1 ½” x 8” reversible rubber cutting edge offers quieter plowing operation and protection to sensitive surfaces.
    • Fixed attachment system attaches easily to the skid steer attachment plate.
    • Articulating, heavy-duty wing shoes maintain pavement contact on uneven surfaces and provide superior wear resistance.

    V-Plow Accessories
    BOSS now offers urethane cutting edges for all XT V-plows. The V-plow cutting edges feature built-in curb guards and a patented snow catcher. The edges offer optimum scraping performance for sensitive plowing surfaces. V-plow accessories are available for the 7’6”, 8’2” and 9’2” XT V-plows.
    In addition to the SK box plows, a backdrag edge kit is also newly available as an accessory for the 7’6”, 8’2” and 9’2” V-plow models.

    New in Stainless Steel
    For some, the best way to fight snow and ice is with stainless steel. BOSS introduces the BOSS XT, now available in 8’2” and 9’2” stainless steel models. With the same proven features as the poly and steel versions, the stainless steel XT will be a customer favorite. Its flared blade wings and enhanced curl design allow users to throw snow higher and farther over existing banks than conventional plows.

    Contractors can now increase the blade width on a stainless steel plow by a full 22” at a 30-degree angle with convenient stainless steel plow wings to cut plowing time. The wings can attach and detach within seconds and are available now for stainless steel V-plows.

    BOSS also brings the power of stainless steel ice control to even more vehicles with the addition of the FORGE® 1.0 and 1.5. The FORGE® stainless steel hopper is constructed with a combination of bolting, riveting and welding for optimal durability and serviceability throughout the spreader’s lifetime—allowing for maintenance and replacement of individual parts rather than the entire unit. Both the hopper and the drive train are constructed with stainless steel, enhancing the sturdiness and durability of FORGE® in adverse winter conditions.

    These additions join the recently introduced DRAG PRO™ and EXACT PATH™ for the 2018 product collection. For more information on product features and the quality, durability and warranty of the BOSS brand, find your local dealer or visit bossplow.com.

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