• BOSS introduces the DRAG PRO™ Back Blade plow designed to increase efficiency for snow contractors

    IRON MOUNTAIN, MI — BOSS Snowplow introduces the DRAG PRO™ rear-mounted snowplow to improve productivity and efficiency when clearing parking lots, loading bays and residential driveways. Designed to clear snow using the back of the truck, the DRAG PRO™ reduces the number of passes required with plow widths ranging from 8-16-feet. “BOSS is the first and only major manufacturer to have a product like DRAG PRO, helping make the jobs of snow and ice professionals easier, more efficient and ultimately more profitable,” said Mark Klossner, marketing vice president for BOSS Snowplow. “We believe that the faster you can restore order, the better — both for business and for the community.” Available in 8-foot fixed wing, 8-12 foot hydraulic folding wing, and 8-16-foot hydraulic folding wing models, the DRAG PRO™ can open wide to maximize the area being plowed. The folding wing models are easily controlled via remote in the truck’s cab.

    BOSS DRAG PRO™ features include:
    • Independent wing control on hydraulic folding wing models
    • Easy attach/detach for quick operation
    • Hydraulic relief wing protection
    • High-performance hydraulic package delivers reliability and speed
    • Easy access to hydraulic valve to raise/lower speed
    • Low-profile coupler design for unobstructed tailgate use and visibility
    • Steel blade cutting edge and urethane wing edges
    • Available for 4WD, ¾-ton and 1-ton trucks

    The DRAG PRO™ will be shown to the market next week at the ASCA Snow and Ice Show in Connecticut (Booth #507). For more information on BOSS Snowplow and the full line of snow and ice control products, visit www.bossplow.com.

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