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Bobcat Company introduces new large excavator attachments

WEST FARGO, ND – Bobcat Company is widening its attachment offering with the introduction of new large excavator attachments. The versatile lineup includes the Bobcat® trenching bucket, grading bucket and pin grabber, as well as main pin and pro-link thumb attachments paired specifically with the E145 and E165 large excavators.


Heavy-duty trenching bucket
The new heavy-duty trenching bucket makes light work out of the heaviest digging. Operators can equip their E145 excavator with 24-, 25- and 42-inch sizing options to upgrade their capabilities on the jobsite.

Heavy-duty grading bucket
The versatile, heavy-duty grading bucket helps deliver added capacity for operators working to move material on the jobsite. The bucket is especially beneficial for operators looking to easily finish, grade, backfill or clean ditches. This attachment can be pinned on, quick coupled or utilized with a thumb.

Hydraulic quick coupler
With the hydraulic quick coupler, operators can easily switch out their attachment. The coupler uses a pin grabber style and will only release in a curled position to ensure safe and secure coupling. Operators can change attachments from the security of the large excavator cab. Plus, there are no grease points, so maintenance is kept at a minimum.

HT thumbs (Main Pin)
HT thumbs use a hydraulic cylinder to give operators up to 137 degrees of rotation. The HT thumbs are compatible with 36- and 42-inch buckets. This attachment is beneficial for operators in demolition and land-clearing applications.

Pro-link thumbs
Progressive link thumbs provide up to 180 degrees of rotation for unmatched versatility on the jobsite. The thumbs follow the bucket throughout the entire work cycle, improving material pickup and placement close to the machine. The new thumbs are compatible with 36- and 42-inch buckets.


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