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Black Splitter wood splitting attachment makes debut in California

MARLTON, NJ — Atlantic Excavator Attachments has reached a critical milestone with the sale of a Black Splitter S2X 800 wood splitting attachment to the Z-Best Composting Facility in Gilroy, CA. The deal represents the New Jersey based distributor’s official entry into the West Coast market with its unique product.

Z-Best, owned by Zanker Recycling, has been making food waste compost, organic compost, and colored mulch since opening its doors in 1997. The firm relies on a high performance fleet of equipment to maintain production. Z-Best added the S2X 800 to the mix in Winter 2016.

The S2X 800 has already become a pivotal part of the mulching operation. Mounted on a Caterpillar 420F backhoe loader, the wood splitter breaks down, handles, and feeds logs into a Peterson 6710D horizontal grinder for processing into colored mulch.

The S2X 800 has noticeably reduced manpower and increased productivity at Z-Best, according to veteran Equipment Manager Danny Naranjo. The two person operation breaking down logs with chainsaws 15 days per month has been replaced by a single Black Splitter mounted backhoe operator working up to five days a month.

“What two guys once did we’re now doing in one third the time with one person,” Naranjo says. “It’s speeding up production because it freed people up to do other work.

“As the first North American distributor of the Black Splitter, we have been introducing this hydraulic wood splitting attachment to clients in the log splitting, firewood and wood fuel production, biomass harvesting, forestry, land clearing, and landscaping industries in the Eastern and Central U.S.,” says Atlantic’s Owner Eric Ransome. “Selling the S2X 800 to Z-Best Recycling represents our official entry into the West Coast market.”

Visit for more information on the Black Splitter S2, S2X, and SG1 log splitter attachments. Check out a video of the attachments in action at .


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