• BF90.3 Crusher Bucket by MB Crusher America

    BF90.3 Crusher Bucket by MB Crusher America

      The BF90.3 is the flagship crusher bucket produced and patented by MB Crusher in 2001. It became the first crusher bucket to be manufactured in the world. Today, it continues to be the most popular model for medium- to large-sized companies.

    It is designed to eliminate material friction in the loading phase and to resist even the most difficult on-site conditions. The BF90.3 is extremely compact and versatile. It has been improved and enhanced over the years to accommodate all crushing operations. Even in the harshest scenarios, the BF90.3 maintains its high level of performance, working with any type of inert material.

    The BF90.3 is suitable for excavators weighing over 46,300 pounds and has a load capacity of 1.18 cubic yards. It achieves a production rate from 16 cy/h to 55 cy/h, depending on the output adjustment.







    BF90.3 Crusher Bucket Product Specs

    • Recommended Excavator: 46,300 lbs
    • Load Capacity: 1.18 cubic yards
    • Opening Dimensions: 36 in W x 21 in H
    • Output Setting: ≥ 0.5 in ≤ 5.0 in
    • Oil Flow: 47 gal/min
    • Pressure: 3,191 PSI
    • Counter Pressure: < 145 PSI
    • Weight: 7,716 lbs


    Check out the BF90.3 Crusher Bucket in action in the videos below:


    For more information, check out MB Crusher America, Inc. at www.mbamerica.com


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