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Bergkamp Inc. Announces 40 Years of Innovation and Global Growth

Bergkamp Inc. is proud to announce its 40-year anniversary as a leading global manufacturer of pavement preservation equipment. The Salina, Kansas-based company will commemorate the occasion with a number of educational and promotional events throughout the rest of the year. Established in 1977 by founders Melvin (Mel) and Marjorie Bergkamp, the company initially provided metal fabrication work in the Salina area, including nearby Wichita and Kansas City. Bergkamp entered the pavement preservation world in 1980 when a local contractor, Ballou Construction, asked Mel Bergkamp and others to build a continuous paver for micro surfacing. Bergkamp designed and built the paver, and the company has been manufacturing world-class pavement maintenance equipment ever since.

As one of the world’s leaders in slurry and micro surfacing pavers, Bergkamp prides itself in manufacturing the only full-size continuous micro surfacing paver in the world. The company also offers two different models of truck-mounted pavers – the M2 and M3 series – as well as mobile support units and spreader boxes. In addition to its pavers, Bergkamp manufactures pothole patching equipment, including the FP5 All-In-One Flameless Pothole Patcher and the SP5 Spray Injection Patcher. Bergkamp’s exclusive EMCAD System for its M1E and M3 Series pavers increases production by reducing calibration time and simplifying production adjustments. Bergkamp’s InPave® Pothole Management System helps government agencies and contractors better monitor and manage pothole patching programs. The company’s MAXX line of truck-mounted Frictional Mastic Surface Treatment Applicators, introduced in 2016, allows users to apply premixed treatments over highways, roads, parking lots, and airport runways. All of Bergkamp’s pavement preservation line of equipment is engineered and manufactured at its state-of-the-art Salina, Kansas, facility.

In early 2016, Bergkamp formed a strategic alliance with DenimoTECH A/S, a Denmark-based company with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of high-performance emulsion equipment, to form its Bergkamp Bituminous Solutions (BBS) division. The BBS division markets, sells, and supports a full range of DenimoTECH asphalt emulsion mills and plants, polymer-modified asphalt blending mills and plants, crumb rubber blending plants, laboratory plants, storage tanks, and mixers. Through this alliance, Bergkamp has exclusive rights to market and support these products in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, Columbia, Nigeria, India, and China.

Bergkamp’s dedication to innovation and world trade has led to the receipt of a number of industry and manufacturing awards. In 2016, the Wichita Business Journal awarded Bergkamp with Manufacturing and Wholesale Distributor Awards for Exporting and Green Initiatives. Just this year, Bergkamp’s new, environmentally friendly M310CS micro surfacing paver with no side engine was named as one of Asphalt Contractor magazine’s Editor’s Choice Top-30 Rollouts. In addition, the Kansas Governor’s Office has named Bergkamp as one of four finalists for its prestigious Exporter of the Year Award.

The company’s commitment to public and industry education includes its participation over the past year with personnel presenting at workshops and webinars during the International Slurry Surfacing Association’ (ISSA) Workshop, the American Public Works Association’s (APWA) Annual Congress, and International Road Federation’s (IRF) Annual Conference. Bergkamp personnel have also presented webinars for the Virginia Education Center for Asphalt Technology at Germanna Community College in Culpeper, Virginia. The company provides several classes at the plant each year, covering operation and maintenance of its own equipment, and provides online parts ordering with 24/7 Service Assistance through its BEST System.

Bergkamp Inc. has been manufacturing pavement maintenance equipment since 1980. It offers a full line of truck-mounted, trailer-mounted and continuous slurry seal and micro surfacing pavers and equipment, as well as spray injection and all-in-one pothole patching equipment. Bergkamp’s headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Salina, KS. The company works with customers throughout North America and the world. For more information, contact Bergkamp, 3040 Emulsion Drive, Salina, KS 67401; phone (785) 825-1375; fax (785) 825-4269; email; or visit


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