• Barko B-Series wheeled tractors and purpose-built logging processor

    SUPERIOR, WI — Offering a heavy-duty design for maneuvering across rough terrain, Barko’s B-Series Industrial Wheeled Tractors provide excellent fuel efficiency while increasing productivity. The machines deliver consistent performance for land clearing, right-of-way maintenance, site prep and other large commercial and municipal applications.

    The 937B model is powered by a 380-horsepower Cummins QSL9 Tier 4 Final diesel engine with DOC/SCR aftertreatment, while the 930B features a 320-horsepower engine. Both include a high-capacity anti-clog radiator with auto reversing fan, along with a 127-gallon fuel tank that allows for longer operating intervals. Unlike loop systems that waste fuel, Barko’s load sensing hydraulic system automatically adjusts attachment performance according to the load, resulting in greater productivity and higher fuel efficiency.

    A high-flow hydraulic pump produces 113 gallons per minute (GPM) at 5,500 PSI for the 937B — 91 GPM at 5,000 PSI for the 930B — to deliver far more horsepower to the attachment than most comparable machines. High-capacity oil cooler and variable displacement piston pumps keep hydraulic oil cool to maximize service life. A high-pressure 20-micron return filter helps prevent debris from damaging pumps and valves.

    The tractors’ unique 45-degree articulation joint withstands extreme stress and tough terrain, while each machine’s maneuverable design provides a turning radius of 15 feet, 9 inches to allow work in tight spaces. A hydrostatic transmission with two-speed transfer case allows for controlled operation speeds and travel speeds up to 14.5 mph for the 937B and 13.2 mph for the 930B.

    Durably constructed, the tractors feature weld blending and engineered sweeping curves to provide added strength and increased fatigue resistance. High-strength hydraulic cylinders with bolt-on glands are durable and easily serviceable. A variety of cover plates, guards and seals help prevent debris from getting into the machine.

    A centralized lubrication station that provides one access point for greasing steering cylinders and axles simplifies routine maintenance. The tractors include lockable and removable side panels, as well as removable brake, engine and transmission covers.

    ROPS and FOPS certified, the tightly sealed, vibration-isolated floating cab features sound insulation and an adjustable bucket seat with four-point harness. The climate-controlled cab includes dual joystick controls and pilot operated foot travel and brake pedals. Polycarbonate windows provide added safety and an air knife system keep the front windshield clear of debris.

    In place of a standard integrated toolbox, users can instead equip the tractor with an optional 30,000-pound capacity hydraulic winch. Other optional equipment includes a rear-view camera with 7-inch LED color display, automatic fire suppression system, hydraulic tank heater, engine block heater, joystick travel control, mulcher head terrain float system and attachment tachometer.

    Barko’s exclusive Quick Attach system allows for fast attachment changes. While often used with mulching heads, the tractors can also be fitted with many other common attachments, such as rotary mowers, soil stabilizers, stump grinders, root rakes, rock crushers, snow plows, sweepers and more.

    The Barko 270B processor is purpose-built for its application, providing several performance advantages over equipment commonly used for processing jobs. Offering exceptional horsepower, swing torque and tractive effort, the 270B features a dangle head boom configuration for picking, delimbing, cut-to-length harvesting and stacking.

    Powered by a 225-horsepower Cummins Tier 4 Final diesel engine with SCR aftertreatment, the 270B offers excellent fuel economy and features large fuel and DEF tanks for longer job cycles between refills. A 36-inch-diameter auto reversing fan with automatic blade pitch control further optimizes engine efficiency.

    The hydraulic system on the 270B is designed to keep power constantly available, allowing operators to instantaneously shift from function to function without any of the delayed reactions common with the hydraulics on other machines. Responsive IQAN controls are customized to provide programmable settings for individual operators, along with machine diagnostics and troubleshooting.

    The processor features load sensing hydraulics to automatically adjust performance according to the load. High pressure and high flow contribute to delivering more hydraulic horsepower to the attachment, while a dedicated attachment pump runs the attachment without robbing power from the machine for other functions. Dual swing drives provide continuous rotation and high swing torque of 58,384 foot-pounds. Bare pin maximum lift capacity is 31,150 pounds.

    The 270B provides firm, stable footing thanks to long tracks measuring 15 feet, 2 inches, along with a D7 undercarriage that offers ground clearance of 29.5 inches, an overall width of 11 feet, 5.5 inches, and max travel speed of 2.9 mph. The unit delivers exceptional drawbar pull of 66,700 foot-pounds to handle hills and rough terrain with ease.

    Side door entry provides easy access to the comfortable cab, which offers excellent visibility of the working area. A heated air-ride seat, cup holder, dome light and radio with MP3 auxiliary, AM/FM/WB, USB, XM-ready and Bluetooth enhance operator ergonomics. A 1.25-inch polycarbonate window and 8 exterior LED lights provide added safety.

    The 270B is designed to provide ample storage space, including a storage tray, two storage areas on the door, space for a lunch box inside the cab and two additional storage areas outside the cab. Attachments can fold completely under the processor, keeping the unit compact and easy to transport on the road.

    A forward-sliding design allows the cab to move up to 36 inches for easier machine servicing. Additionally, a large, hydraulically operated gull swing door offers direct access to the engine compartment and hydraulic components. The gull wing serves as a convenient working platform and includes a slip-resistant walking surface.

    An optional Proheat system is available to warm the engine, fuel tank and hydraulic tank in cold weather. Other performance and service options include a high-pressure hydraulic filter for attachments, automatic fire suppression system, hydraulic tank vacuum pump, electric fill pump, boom lights and various track shoe sizes and styles. Cab options include a rear-view camera with 7-inch display, CB radio, window reinforcement bars, oversized skylight, window shades and cab lights.

    For more information, call 715-395-6700 or visit www.barko.com.

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