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AX19: the newest brush chipper in the Vermeer line up

PELLA, Iowa — During the 2016 TCI Expo in Baltimore, MD, Vermeer revealed the AX19, which is the first model in its upcoming Arborist Series of brush chippers. The 19-inch (48.2 cm) AX19 features dual horizontal feed rollers and a new manual feed roller crushing system to help tree care contractors load and process large branches and logs with less chainsaw work.

“Profit margins in the tree care industry remain tight and arborists are voicing the need to further enhance their productivity,” said Matt Hutchinson, product manager – Tree Care, Rental and Landscape at Vermeer. “Customer feedback drove the development and design of the AX19. Vermeer made changes to the infeed, the placement of the feed rollers, the architecture of the hydraulic system and optimized the cutter system. The synergy of these features helps provide enhanced productivity.”

The addition of the AX19 further strengthens the Vermeer brush chipper portfolio — which currently includes the six to 21-inch capacity BC models. The AX model uses dual horizontal feed rollers, while the BC line relies on vertical feed rollers, giving tree care contractors the option to choose their preferred technology.

AX19 brush chipper

The AX19 infeed and crushing systems have been optimized to process larger materials through an oversized feed roller opening that is 28.8-inches wide and 24-inches tall. It has offset, dual horizontal feed rollers and a fixed infeed table design to help funnel large limbs into the chipper. These enhancements help reduce the amount of chain saw pre-work that needs to be done, which can improve jobsite productivity by freeing up crew members to do other tasks.

“The unique characteristics of the infeed system on the AX19 lessens the need for an operator to stand next to the machine in order to assist feeding of large or branchy material by manipulating feed roller direction,” says Hutchinson.

Torque boosting technology

For the toughest jobs, the AX19 has an operator controlled feed roller crushing system. When the system is engaged, the speed of the machine’s feed roller slows, doubling the pull-in force to a maximum of 12,000-pounds. When the torque boosting technology is used in conjunction with the Vermeer SmartCrush system, the machine’s crushing force jumps from 2,500 to 4,200-pounds.

The AX19 is powered by a John Deere 4045 173 hp diesel engine. By maximizing the amount of available crushing and pulling force, the AX19 is able to use a lower horsepower engine than most competitive units, which helps to reduce fuel usage.

Exclusive technologies

While the AX19 is equipped with some new features, it also uses proven Vermeer technologies, like the EcoIdle™ engine control system and SmartFeed.

The Vermeer EcoIdle system helps reduce fuel consumption when material is not actively being fed into the chipper. It also aids in noise reduction to minimize disruptions in residential areas.

In addition, the AX19 has the Vermeer exclusive SmartFeed system, which monitors the engine rpm and automatically stops and reverses the dual horizontal feed rollers in order to prevent jams, maximize chipping efficiency and help reduce strain on engine components.

Remote operating system

To help existing crews work more efficiently, the Tree Commander™ remote control comes standard on the AX19. The Tree Commander remote control gives the operator the ability to start, stop and control the rotational direction of the feed rollers. It also features manual override and an engine stop button. For added convenience, the remote control can be attached to the operator’s belt or mounted directly to the operator’s station of a Vermeer compact utility loader.
For crews who desire even more flexibility, there is a second full feature remote option. The full feature remote empowers the operator to control the infeed crush feature and to rotate the chipper’s chute to more accurately direct materials into the chip truck.

CTX100 compact utility loader

In addition to the AX19, Vermeer also introduced the CTX100 compact utility loader to the tree care market.

The CTX100 features vertical lift, which keeps the load closer to the machine, offering a higher lift capacity than a similarly sized radial lift machine. Vermeer also increased the hinge pin height to 89.5-inches to make loading materials into a brush chipper, truck or trailer more efficient.

“The CTX100 pairs very well with the AX19,” said Hutchinson. “The CTX reduces the amount of manual labor required to load the materials into the machine, and the AX19 itself is designed to reduce the amount of chainsaw work required to break the materials down before they can be fed into the chipper.”

The CTX100 has a tipping capacity of 2,958-pounds and a rated operating capacity of 1,035-pounds. It has a 40 hp Kohler KDI Tier 4 Final diesel engine and a universal mounting plate to power a variety of attachments. There is also a choice between 7-inch tracks, which results in a 36-inch machine width — allowing for passage through most backyard gates — or wider 9-inch tracks.

Like other models in the Vermeer compact utility loader lineup, the CTX100 features a chariot style, ride-on platform. The enhanced operator’s station features a single, pilot operated joystick for more intuitive and smoother operation. The spring cushioned platform keeps operators out of the mud and debris and provides additional support when working in rough terrain. The operator presence system is integrated into the platform, in which the ground drive and attachment motion is suspended if the operator steps off the machine.
To learn more about the Vermeer AX19 or CTX100, visit or contact your local Vermeer dealer.


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