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Attachment supplier demonstrates innovation and service

Komatsu-Boomby Jon Casey

A recent visit to Central Ohio provided, WHEN with the opportunity to see some of the latest C&D attachments and recycling industry innovations, during a stop at the Company Wrench facility in Carroll, Ohio. With a workforce of 130 people that serves the eastern U.S. Company Wrench (CW) offers a full lineup of attachments and material handling equipment with brands ranging from TEREX FUCHS and LaBounty to INDECO and Winkle. More importantly, over the years, CW has perfected the ability to meet customer needs through custom design and fabrication of new equipment and innovative modifications to existing equipment that makes recycling easier and safer for customers.
Gabe Clark, sales representative for the central Ohio area, highlighted some of the new items for us, as we toured the expansive CW equipment yard. “We are the largest LaBounty dealer in the country,” said Clark, “and we stock a sizable inventory of products so that our customers are able to take delivery on the attachment they need, when they need it. We inventory shears, concrete processors, grapples, the entire line. This new MSD4000R is a new item that has the body the size of a 3000 with the jaw capability of a 4500 model. That allows contractors to use a smaller excavator to do the work of a bigger one. That saves a lot of fuel in a short period of time.”
Clark said that CW not only offers the lease, sale and rental of various attachments and equipment, they also work with customers to implement new ideas to make the job go more smoothly and more profitably. Some of their innovations include extending excavator booms for high reach applications,    fabricating a new, second member mounting configuration for a 16,000 pound hammer, and a concrete pulverizer/magnet combination unit.
“Our tallest high reach units are able to reach to 95 feet,” he said. “That makes bringing down a structure, a much safer process. Our patent pending top bracket on the INDECO hammer, gives contractors the ability to mount the larger hammer onto a PC 400 or PC 450 sized excavator, giving it more breaking power with less fuel consumption. It offers less expensive mobility as well. Our patented pulverizer/magnet attachment, allows the operator to crush chunks of recycled concrete fortified with rebar, and once the concrete has been broken away from the metal, the magnet portion of the attachment can be energized to move the rebar and steel material to its own location.”
While we were in the equipment service area, we watched as one of the technicians worked on a Terex Fuchs material handler, prepping it for a new paint job following a rebuilding process that is exclusive to CW. “We are working on our own certified rebuild  program,” he said. “We can rebuild a material handler and then offer it for sale with a warranty. We take machines that are still in good working condition but with a number of hours on them and rework them to a ‘like new’ condition. That gives a customer the opportunity to buy a reliable, used piece of equipment with several years of use still available to them.”
“We also offer our own line of dust suppression equipment that we call the HAWC line of Dust Destroyer. That is in addition to the Italian made, Dust Fighter line for which we are distributors. These units are available in several sizes, depending on the customer’s need,” he said.
Company overview
CW President, Cam Gabbard, recalled how Company Wrench began as a heavy truck, trailer and equipment business with a 24 hour wrecker and recovery service in 1999 by its founder and owner, Brad Hutchinson. Soon after, Hutchinson hired a full time mechanic, a co-worker he called “The Company Wrench.” It didn’t take long for that nickname to become the company’s name for which it is known throughout the Midwest and the east.
In 2001, John White came on board to do more on the mechanical side of the business. As demand for equipment repair and service continued to come to CW, they expanded their line to include Stanley Hammers, LaBounty Attachments and other lines of attachments, excavators and material handlers. Today, with company locations in ten states, in addition to those already mentioned, their equipment lineup includes Terex Fuchs, Kobelco, LiuGong, SANY, Screen Machine, Gensco, Anvil, and Gehl, just to name a few. Those added to the CW Machine Worx and CW Environmental line of products, gives this 13 year old company a diverse offering of equipment to the construction, and recycling industry.
Gabbard said that Company Wrench has always had a “listening ear” and that when customers had requests to make of the company, CW always endeavored to respond in a way to help serve the customers more effectively. By having the willingness to       innovate, CW has built a support staff of design engineers and technical people, that has enabled them to fabricate new and useful equipment design changes that help make equipment and end users more      efficient and at the same time, more profitable as well.
“We have a full engineering department,” said Gabbard. “Many of our innovations, like the Second Member Hammer and the second pin under mounting on an excavator boom, offers our customers     useful options on equipment that they use every day. We are able to offer the equipment, service and aftermarket capabilities that busy recyclers are looking for.” For more information on Company Wrench, visit their website at or give them a call at 866-262-4181.


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