Atlas Copco upgrades walk behind concrete power trowels

ROCK HILL SC — Atlas Copco’s three new walk behind power trowels — the BG 245, BG 375 and BG 475 — include upgraded features that enhance versatility and safety on a variety of applications, from fine edge to rough surface concrete finishing.

The units can be equipped with either a twist pitch or quick pitch for optimal performance on a wide range of jobs. Atlas Copco also designed the trowels with its exclusive QuickStop feature that stops the blade rotation immediately after the operator releases the handles. This results in zero degree spin that minimizes the risk of injury.

Atlas Copco exhibited the new trowels Jan. 17-20, 2017, during World of Concrete.

With QuickStop, blade rotation stops immediately

Walk behind power trowels are often equipped with a centrifugal clutch that allows the handle to spin unmanned as much as 540 degrees from the moment the handle is released until the rotation completely stops. The BG trowels’ QuickStop feature includes a belt clutch that immediately stops the blade rotation with zero degree handle spin for maximum operator safety. In addition, QuickStop doesn’t kill the ignition when the trigger is released, allowing the speed to be adjusted without damaging the belt and clutch.

Two options for pitch adjustment

The BG trowels are equipped with Honda gas engines that deliver 5.5 to 9 horsepower. They offer variable speeds for a variety of tasks, from high speed burnishing to low speed, high torque floating. Users can choose models equipped with either a twist pitch or cog pitch. The TP models offer standard twist pitch for precise adjustment, while the QP versions are equipped with cog pitch for fast pitch. The pitch adjustment is conveniently located close to the operator’s hand for optimal ergonomics.

Other user friendly features

Atlas Copco designed the BG power trowels with the operator in mind. They feature a palm trigger in robust steel as well as foldable de-vibrated handles for enhanced comfort. Their detachable throttles can be moved from the left handle to the right, which enhances comfort and ease of use for left and right handed operators. Technicians also can quickly and easily change blades or perform routine maintenance thanks to the trowels’ maintenance stand.

The trowels are compact and relatively light, weighing as little as 132-pounds. This provides easy maneuverability on a wide range of projects, from sidewalks to driveways. It also allows operators to work close to walls and in limited access areas.

The BG 245 features a rubber edged floating protection ring to prevent damaging walls, which makes it ideal for use on indoor worksites where a wall or other obstacle exists. The BG 375 and BG 475’s larger size offers efficient operation on bigger, outdoor applications, such as driveways.

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