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ASV adds New York dealer to network

GRAND RAPIDS, MN — ASV Holdings Inc. has added Jim Reed’s Truck Sales to its dealer network.

The Cortlandt Manor, NY-based dealer will offer all ASV Posi-Track compact track loaders, featuring best-in-class rated operating capacity, cooling systems and hydraulic efficiency, from the RT-30, the industry’s smallest sit-on CTL, to the new VT-70, ASV’s first mid-frame, vertical lift model, and all the way up to the RT-120 Forestry unit, the industry’s most powerful CTL. The company will also carry ASV’s full line of skid-steer loaders.

“Over 60 years, we’ve become a pretty large, family-owned dealership, so we have our boots on the ground and we know our business,” said Bill Reed, vice president of Jim Reed’s Truck Sales. “The quality of ASV products impressed us. They are American made with readily available parts. The company is also very organized, proficient and professional.”

Jim Reed’s Truck Sales has been proudly serving customers since Jim Reed, Bill Reed’s father, started the business in the 1950s as a NASCAR race driver. He then built the company into a community truck dealership in the 1960s. Today, the company continues to expand, but seeks to continue a long-standing tradition of the “family store” model first begun by Jim Reed.

“Jim Reed’s Truck Sales is a business that is very strong on customer service in every aspect,” said Bill Klein, ASV district sales manager. “Jim Reed was driven in that area, and it has allowed them to gather a huge following.”

To learn more about Jim Reed’s Truck Sales, visit their website at


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