Aquajet launches Ecosilence 3.0 for quiet operation and reduced fuel consumption

Aquajet launches Ecosilence 3.0 for quiet operation and reduced fuel consumption


Aquajet recently introduced the Ecosilence 3.0, reducing noise and allowing for a more compact jobsite, while enhancing environmental stewardship and lowering overall operating costs. The new Ecosilence features integrated auto start/stop technology that improves fuel consumption, which saves as much as 25 liters (6.6 gallons) of fuel a day for a smaller carbon footprint. The re-engineered Ecosilence is more compact, as well, with the entire self-contained system now fitting in a standard, 20-foot shipping container. It also produces less noise while in operation, making it ideal for use in urban areas with limited space and strict noise restrictions. The new unit also has dramatically improved pumping pressure, operating as high as 3,000 bar (43,511 psi), and providing ample power for hydrodemolition applications such as concrete renovation and road and bridge repair.

“The original Ecosilence achieved the low noise levels our customers needed but could not match the power of our standard power pack, which was necessary for certain applications,” said Roger Simonsson, Aquajet managing director. “We knew we could do better, so our engineers went back to the drawing board to provide the best of both worlds — power and quiet operation. Along the way, we were able to incorporate the latest automatic technology and take 3 feet off the overall length for a brand-new Ecosilence.”

The Ecosilence 3.0 features an environmentally friendly, low-emission engine and high-pressure pump to power Aquajet’s range of Aqua Cutter hydrodemolition robots. The skid-mounted unit employs auto start/stop technology, like that found in many modern automobiles, which temporarily shuts down the engine when not in operation to reduce idling time by up to 50%. The engine automatically starts up when operation resumes. In this way, the new Ecosilence saves money and significantly reduces emissions. The integrated engine and high-pressure pump unit pairs with a state-of-the-art liquid-to-air heat exchanger to provide quiet, efficient operation for all Hydrodemolition applications.

The new, skid-mounted engine and pump are isolated and heat regulated in a sealed compartment at the front of the container, limiting noise to allow operation in urban areas and other noise-sensitive environments. This innovative design also prevents debris or outside air from entering the engine chamber during operation. Because of this, the new Ecosilence can be used in harsh environments such as harbors or cold weather without negative effects.

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