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Aquajet hires service & application specialist

MONROE, Wash. (January 13, 2022) — Aquajet, a global leader in Hydrodemolition machine manufacturing, hires James Brown as its service and application specialist for North America. Brown provides service and support for Aquajet customers throughout the United States and Canada. His role includes commissioning new equipment and providing operational and maintenance training. He also provides troubleshooting and repair services for Aquajet equipment, including Aqua Cutter robots, Ergo Systems, Ecosilence high-pressure pumps and EcoClear water treatment systems.

Aquajet names James Brown as its service and application specialist for North America.

“As a former Hydrodemolition operator himself, James brings a deep understanding of the equipment, how it works, and the kinds of challenges our customers experience on jobsites,”

said Keith Armishaw, Aquajet’s business development manager for North America. “We believe our customers will greatly benefit from his knowledge of the industry, his passion for Hydrodemolition and his enthusiasm for helping contractors learn how to maximize the performance of their Aquajet equipment.”

Brown started his career at a commercial lighting company where he traveled around the U.S. installing wiring for lighting and electrical applications. Due to a long-time interest in Hydrodemolition technology, he then pursued a position as a Hydrodemolition robot operator. As he learned the ins and outs of the business, he became interested in the manufacturing side and applied at Aquajet to help build understanding of Hydrodemolition equipment and showcase all it can do.

“Hydrodemolition is the way of the future and I’m proud to be a part of this revolution as the application continues to grow in the United States,” said Brown. “I enjoy taking customers from ground zero to getting them up to speed and creating experienced Hydrodemolition specialists.”

Brown lives in southern Indiana with his wife and children.

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