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Announcing Pavement Recyclers of Michigan

Pavement Recyclers opens a new Michigan location

Pavement Recyclers is proud to announce the opening of a new mid-west sales and demo facility in Farmington Hills, MI. In a recent statement they stated, “Since we began our entity, we have always been firm believers that a live demonstration of the Bagela recycler, and its superior, indirect heat, continuous flow method of recycling high quality asphalt, was the best way to understand why there are more Bagela recyclers working in the field worldwide than all the other brands, combined.”

The new office features a Bagela BA10000 set-up in a “real world” working environment, meant to demonstrate to the customer the versatility of the unit in a static-mounted yard location, optimizing its industry exclusive output of 10 tons per hour. Also, the unit can be easily towed from the facility for a field demonstration if requested.

“We are very excited to have this opportunity to further expose the greater Michigan marketplace to the Bagela Asphalt Recycler” says Brian Fraser, general manager of Pavement Recyclers of Michigan. “We are also continuing to grow our relationship with the County system after successfully placing a Bagela unit into one district last year.”

If you are interested in seeing our new facility or would like to witness a demo firsthand, call us at 877-499-2221.



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