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American Eagle adds aluminum lube systems to LubeMate product line

GARNER, IA – American Eagle is proud to expand its LubeMate® Lube Systems line with six new aluminum lube skids.

The new aluminum lube skids include the V90, V120 and V160 mobile and permanent models, which are more than 30 percent lighter than their steel counterparts. The weight savings offers operators the ability to add a lube system to their service truck without giving up valuable payload availability.

The skids’ aluminum construction provides not only significant weight savings, but also superior corrosion resistance for lower maintenance and longer equipment life. Enhanced corrosion resistance can be especially beneficial for customers that work in harsh northern climates or near saltwater in coastal areas.

“A focal point when talking about work trucks is always weight savings,” said Jason Vertin, Product Manager at Stellar Industries-American Eagle. “At Stellar Industries we take that very seriously when developing and enhancing our products and that is what we’ve done with the development of aluminum lube systems.”

Consistent with all LubeMate systems, the aluminum skids come standard with 5:1 new oil pumps, 1-inch diaphragm pump with 4-way valve, 1/2-inch by 50-foot new oil reels, and 1-inch by 25-foot oil reel with quick coupler.

With significant weight savings, compact design and a superior powder-coat finish, LubeMate lube systems are an ideal addition to any service truck.


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