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ALLU launches new PROCESSOR at Shanghai Summit

The 7th China International Piling and Deep Foundations Summit was held from the 24th-26th of April in Shanghai. ALLU participated for the fifth time, holding a well-attended customer seminar. In addition to a full itinerary of events, a new addition to ALLU’s range of mass stabilization equipment was unveiled – ALLU PROCESSOR.

The China International Piling and Deep Foundations Summit is the largest and most comprehensive piling and deep foundation event held in Asia. Its main focus is on cutting-edge technologies and solutions that have been developed to deliver successful construction techniques in pile foundation, exchange of piling and deep foundation engineering.

In order to provide an academic and practical outline of its solutions for businesses involved in these diverse areas, ALLU hosted a customer seminar during the Summit discussing such topics as:

  • Mass stabilization – versatile ground improvement method
  • The application and development of mass stabilization in China
  • ALLU products for foundations, remediation and solidification

These talks were delivered by a team of industry experts, including:

  • Baojian Wang, Area Sales Manager, ALLU China
  • Fredrik Dromberg, Vice President, Process Equipment, ALLU Finland
  • Prof. Leena Korkiala-Tanttu, Professor of Practice, Aalto University, Finland
  • Prof. Chen Yonghui, HoHai University, Nanjing

The seminar was arranged as ALLU has established itself as an important supplier of equipment aimed at delivering transforming solutions for mass stabilization systems, mixing equipment and equipment for feeding different binders. These products have been developed in close collaboration with customers to provide solutions for problems faced specifically by earthmoving contractors, saving them time and reducing their operating costs.

As well as these solutions focused events, ALLU unveiled its latest development for the industry, based on many years’ expertise and feedback from customers. The result of this knowledge and know-how is a solution for foundation, remediation and solidification work: ALLU PROCESSOR.

The ALLU PROCESSOR is a hydraulic attachment for excavators which may be used with any binder or together with any type of binder feeding system. This includes dry (powder) materials, wet (slurry) and air (blowing air instead of binder trough the binder feeding tube).

The binder is fed by compressed air into the ground to the optimum point between the drums. Inclined drums and streamlined frame design ensure easy penetration even through hard crust layers enabling dry and wet material to be pushed through, mixed to ground and / or with material. Operational flexibility is assured as the ALLU PROCESSOR may be mounted onto a standard excavator by a pin mounting or quick hitch adapter plate.

The ALLU PROCESSOR is part of ALLU’s range of mass stabilization equipment. This range has been developed for hardening soft ground by adding binder into the soil. This method can also be used for processing and encapsulating contaminated materials. Essentially it enables customers to benefit from not having to transport contaminated material to site, resulting in material being hardened so it will not spread. Furthermore soil does not have to be transported to site so when used, for example on embankment work, the hardened soil will stay put and hold firm.

Benefits of the ALLU PROCESSOR can be summarized as in foundation work, load bearing capacity is enhanced through improving the quality of soil. In remediation work, the purifying process is improved by the mixing in of binder and / or additives, whereas in solidification work very soft or liquid materials become solids.


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