• All new V Series Compact Skid Loader and VT Series Compact Track Loader an Equipment Today Top 50 New Product

    All new V Series Compact Skid Loader and VT Series Compact Track Loader an Equipment Today Top 50 New Product

    West Bend, WI – Manitou’s all new V Series Compact Skid Loaders and VT Compact Track Loaders have been named as one of Equipment Today’s Contractors’ Top 50 New Products for 2023.

    The 2023 Contractors’ Top 50 New Products represent the best and brightest new product introductions and enhancements that exhibit innovation, quality, efficiency, and productivity in the construction equipment field.

    Nathan Ryan, compact loader line manager, said, “We are excited to be included in Equipment Today’s 2023 Contractors’ Top 50 New Products. Our new compact loader line-up features many game-changing innovations, focusing on improvements in five main areas: safety, comfort, productivity, simplification, and serviceability.  Manitou Group has been manufacturing compact loaders for almost 50 years now and these 6 new vertical-lift models take our design to a new level with some of the best operator visibility on the market.

    The breakout force is now 12% higher on average (compared to the previous range) and the tank capacity is increased by 14%, allowing users to enjoy greater productivity. The new loaders feature keyless start requiring only code activation, LED lighting, and a patented Pilot joystick system as standard, adjacent to the operator’s seat. Numerous innovations also facilitate maintenance with a lifting cab and centralized maintenance points.

    For added comfort, the track loader range is equipped as standard with the patented IdealTrax system, ensuring automatic track tensioning and extending the life of the tracks. Numerous options (additional LEDs on the sides, high hydraulic flow, rear camera, etc.) are also available to meet the requirements of each user. It is worth noting that the total cost of ownership (TCO) of these models has been reduced, with the VT 2100 model, for example, boasting a TCO of only $20 per hour, representing an average reduction of 7.2% over the previous model range. With these six models, Manitou highlights its desire to streamline the design of its models by offering its users a simplified range that meets all their needs.

    Manitou North America is proud of these new machines and honored to be named a Contractors’ Top 50 New Equipment Award Winner.

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