• All new MTA construction telehandlers receive a 2023 Rental Editor’s Choice Award

    All new MTA construction telehandlers receive a 2023 Rental Editor’s Choice Award

    West Bend, WI – Manitou’s all new MTA Series of Construction Telehandlers were recently named a 2023 Rental Editor’s Choice Award winner!

    Photo Credit: Manitou

    The 2023 Rental Editor’s Choice Award showcases products that solve problems, enhance efficiencies, lower total cost of ownership, and allow rental companies to work smarter, not harder.

    “We are excited to receive this award and see the benefits of our new series of MTA Construction Telehandlers in the rental industry,” said Steve Kiskunas, Manitou Group Telehandler Product Manager. “We have done a great deal of updates to the new range, including industry leading advancements for operator satisfaction, increased maximum lift performance, simplified operation and maintenance, and decreased total cost of ownership to drive-up utilization and profitability. The MTA line is made specifically for the North America Market and these telehandlers will be game changers for construction and equipment rental companies.”

    There are five new MTA telehandlers in the range durably made in Yankton, South Dakota: The MTA 642, MTA 842, MTA 1055, MTA 1242 and the MTA 1255. These new models hit industry sweet spots for maximum lifting capacities and lift heights, delivering operator and design characteristics that drive premium performance as well as a lower total cost of ownership.

    The MTA Telehandler range offers a new cab design, providing enhanced comfort and better visibility around the machine and on the attachment. Noise pollution is greatly reduced to 80dBA inside the cab. The driver’s station offers an intuitive dashboard that provides operating and maintenance alerts and the JSM (joystick switch and move) allows fingertip control of every function.

    These new models start at 74 horsepower on the MTA 642 with a 6,000 lbs. lift capacity and go up to the 127 horsepower on the MTA 1255 lifting a maximum of 12,000 lbs. The range will reach heights from 42 feet to 55 feet 7 inches with a long robust high-strength steel boom to stage pallets of bricks and bulky loaders of lumber multiple stories up.

    The upgraded stabilization system will save time on busy workdays, allowing for multiple movements at all boom levels to facilitate proper alignment of material. Plus, the automatic transmission and parking brake make for a seamless operator experience, even in rough terrain or difficult ground conditions.


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