AEM members weigh in on proposed to ANSI’s essential requirements

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is proposing changes to its Essential Requirements document that are being interpreted as prohibiting an ANSI American National Standard (ANS) from including requirements for:

  • A manufacturer to supply an operator’s manual for each product
  • That someone using the product is required to read and understand it the operator’s manual, to be in compliance with the ANSI standard.

The ANSI ExSC (Executive Standards Council) proposal, which was published in ANSI’s Standards Action newsletter on March 1, 2019, proposed changes to 2018 ANSI Essential Requirements document, clause 3.2.

When brought to AEM’s attention, association staff and members of AEM’s Manufacturers of Elevating Work Platforms Council (MEWPC) Engineering Committee began to review the ANSI ExSC proposal. They have since prepared proposed changes to the proposal, and they have provided a rationale as to why the ANSI proposed changes will significantly lower the level of safety that ANSI standards developers work to include in their standards to make products safer and make users more aware of hazards associated with the use of these products.

In discussions with ANSI staff, AEM staff pointed out the points noted above, but ANSI staff indicated that the intent of their changes was simply to clarify one clause and not to reduce the level of safety. AEM strongly disagrees on this point and wants to make sure that any changes are clear, concise and not subject to interpretation.

For awareness and to get a more unified position on the ANSI proposal, AEM staff has reached out to several equipment and product trade associations, as well as standards development organizations that develop standards for wide variety of products.

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