A reminder to employers on COVID-19

A reminder to employers on COVID-19
COVID-19 has presented some significant challenges for employers as they continue to manage active worksites while ensuring their employees are following the guidelines for stopping the spread. AGC NYS wants to remind our members that it is critical that employers make sure that safety protocols and practices are being followed and your workplaces are compliant with the guidelines issued by New York State.
New York State issued a guidance document entitled “New York Forward” that outlines “Interim Guidance for Construction Activities During the COVID – 19 Public Health Emergency”. All contractors had to affirm that they were going to follow the guidelines set forth in the guidance document. That being said, make sure your workplaces are adhering to the rules.
Flu season is upon us and there has been an uptick in COVID-19 cases in New York State. If these trends continue, we may find ourselves going backwards in this fight and there is real potential that shutdowns and/or restrictions will occur as a result. As an industry, we all need to do our part to help stop the spread.
Too much is at stake and, as an employer, you owe it to your employees. If an employer fails to comply, they will be putting their employees, company, and livelihood at risk. The rules are there to protect our workforce and they need to be followed. Please don’t be complacent. Make sure you company is following the rules and being diligent. AGC NYS is available to answer any questions you may regarding associated safety guideline pertains to COVID-19. Please reach out to us if we can be of assistance.  AGC NYS has a number of resources available on the website here.

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