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A New ACI Foundation Fellowship funded by The ACI Houston Chapter

The ACI Foundation is pleased to partner with the ACI Houston Chapter to create a new student academic award. Through the Chapter’s generous donation, the ACI Foundation can offer an additional fellowship to benefit students studying in concrete-related degree programs, the ACI Houston Chapter Fellowship.

The ACI Foundation celebrates the ACI Houston Chapter, which has been a continued supporter of students studying in the concrete industry. The Chapter has financially supported students to attend the ACI Concrete Convention for student competitions, and Houston Chapter members have also assisted students with materials and mentoring. Since 2020, the Houston Chapter has been recognized as an Excellent Chapter by ACI. Creating this fellowship is one more way that the ACI Houston Chapter gives back to the industry. The ACI Houston Chapter Fellowship will be awarded to a student pursuing a master’s or doctorate degree program for construction, design, education, or materials.  Preferred candidates are those currently active members of the ACI Student Chapter at the University of Houston Downtown or Texas A&M University – which are affiliated with the Houston Chapter.

“The ACI Houston Chapter has several endowed scholarships.  When considering this fellowship, the board was impressed that this program leads to the higher number of awardees who stay in the concrete industry,” said James Taylor, 2023 ACI Houston Chapter President.

The award includes a $10,000 educational stipend that will cover tuition, books, and supplies. Besides the monetary support for schooling, the fellowship recipients are also supported to attend three ACI conventions, one of which includes an in-person interview with the ACI Foundation’s Scholarship Council. At the convention, they can connect with industry mentors, get to know technical committees and their work product, give presentations, fill leadership roles in the SYPAC committees, and develop their own peer network. An important part of the ACI Foundation’s program is pairing students with industry mentors, where mentors offer guidance and coaching and act as sounding boards for mentees. Providing students with a mentor also facilitates networking and helps expand career opportunities.

To learn more about each of the 46 fellowships and scholarships available, visit  If you are interested in funding an award, contact Kari Martin, Fundraising Manager, at


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