• A message from AGC NYS Chairman Barry Fries

    A message from AGC NYS Chairman Barry Fries

    To all AGC NYS Members,

    I wanted to share with you the results of a recent survey undertaken by us to ascertain the impact and effects of the COVID-19 on our member’s businesses. I would like to share some of the findings for those of you that do not have the fortitude or the desire to read the entire document, which can be found here.
    The respondents to the survey were 43% building contractors and 22% highway contractors. Approximately 74 members participated in the survey.
    • Paycheck Protection Program- 32 % of members applied for and received funding. 30% have applied for and are approved for funding but were still waiting for the transfer of funds.
    • Building Contractors having project delays. 27% have 50-75% of the projects affected. 19% have 25-50% affected, 24% 10-25% affected and 14% did not have any impact.
    • For Highway contractors having project delays. 50% had no impact, 30% have 10-25% affected and 10% had 25-50% affected.
    • Workforce reduction or employee layoffs. 47% -YES, 49% NO.
    • Supply chain interruptions. 70% YES, 25% NO.
    • Difficulty in obtaining PPE and cleaning/sanitation supplies. 82%-YES, 14% NO. The equipment issues are: Respirators-53%, Face Coverings-76%, Gloves-23% and Hand Sanitizers-82%
    • Confirmed COVID-19 cases within our workforce or on a project site, 24%-YES, 76%-NO.
    • Concerns about when NY on Pause ends:
    • Manpower availability
    • Maintaining safe work environment
    • Governmental funding for projects, current and future work
    • What will be the process of restarting
    • Economic impact on businesses
    • Concerns regarding the future of your business:
    • Impact of delays and lack of funding
    • Exempt contractors from any legal issues from employees, workers compensation claims, Owners, OSHA, etc.
    • Postponement of projects into the future
    • Recession
    • How do we estimate the effects of COVID-19 in the calculation of costs
    • Cash flow
    • Considerably fewer work opportunities and severe increase in competition
    • Assessment of AGC NYS COVID-19 resources. 85%-excellent, 10%-good, 3% fair and poor.
    • What AGC NYS resources have the members found valuable:
    • Webinars
    • Weekly Board meetings
    • Always available
    • Dissemination of the rapidly changing NYS orders
    • The behind the scenes advocacy to keep construction moving to the greatest extent possible
    • Prompt, accurate information communications
    • Notification and interpretations of the Governor’s Executive Orders
    • How can AGC NYS resources be improved
    • The majority of the responses were very favorable with the current level of actions
    • Can AGC NYS source PPE supplies in bulk
    My interpretation and analysis of the survey results indicate broad support and satisfaction with the work of AGC NYS during this horrific pandemic. The survey contains many statements from members that the efforts expended by Mike and his superb team in their communications, explanations, interpretations, behind the scene meetings, etc. were highly valued and appreciated in an environment wherein the only constant was change!
    We are living in a evolving world and society. One can only conjecture about the new definition of normal. All of us and our businesses will be impacted. In addition to the people inflicted by this disease the economic impact will be considerable. Now is the time for all of us, as Leaders, to focus on the next steps to survive . Some of us will flourish. Perhaps others will not. We all need to maintain our focus on the missions and issues that we can control.
    Please stay safe and healthy. And, always stay smart!

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