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42-inch anchor tether creates spacious 18-foot diameter work area

Gear Keeper’s proprietary elastic core offers 250 percent stretch with stress-free extension

VENTURA, CA — Gear Keeper’s new family of ergonomically constructed Super CoilTM anchored tool tethers are manufactured with a low-force polyurethane elastic core that is woven throughout the entire body of the webbing. The result is a tool tether that creates an 18-foot diameter working area but will gently retract to just 42-inches.

Designed for tools weighing up to 25 pounds, Gear Keeper’s proprietary manufacturing process minimizes “extension” arm fatigue while in use but equally important, minimizes entanglement issues when climbing or working in confined areas. These new Gear Keeper products present compelling safety advantages by offering a significantly longer extension length combined with a shorter retraction length than competitive, ergonomically stiff tethers employing bungee-type cores. Employees will find their work more convenient and will appreciate the significant reduction in arm stress. The ultimate result will be higher employee compliance with your tethering program.

Load tested beyond the drop weight, other safety and strength features of the Super Coil tethers include a lanyard cord that is sewn lengthwise into the webbing to avoid damaging the integrity of the cord and insuring longer durability and strength. Competitive lanyard cords are sewn crosswise creating potential failure points.

The model TL1-4021 specifications include 1 inch tether webbing and two stainless steel carabiners load rated above 1,100 (500 kgs) pounds with gates that do not hang up from a side load. It has a retracted length of 42 inches and extended length of 109 inches. The model TL1-4025 specifications also include a 1 inch tether webbing but has one stainless steel carabiner and a fixed web tool attachment loop. It has a retracted length of 42 inches and an extended length of 109 inches. Both models are of an adequate length to attach to buckets.

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