34th Annual Construction Industry Conference – we’re going virtual!

34th Annual Construction Industry Conference – we’re going virtual!
The 2020 Construction Industry Conference will be conducted as a virtual event over a series of dates throughout December. The decision to go virtual was made out of concern for the health and safety of all meeting attendees, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In reviewing existing governmental restrictions and guidelines, and in consultation with our partner properties and facilities, it has been quite clear that we cannot expect to conduct an in-person event even remotely resembling the Industry Conference in December.
With that said, “the show must go on” and we are pivoting to deliver a quality experience and relevant content to our members virtually.  We are excited about the opportunities this presents.
Virtual Event Platform: Through an interactive virtual event platform, attendees will be able to experience presentations and workshops, panel discussions, committee meetings and connect with other attendees—just as you have all come to expect from AGC events. The platform will also be capable of hosting a virtual Trade Show and Expo, which will provide our vendors and sponsors with unique opportunities to showcase themselves.
Program: While the conference will be nothing like we have seen before, we are confident this year’s program will not disappoint—and moving to this format will allow us to do things and engage members in a way that was not possible previously.
Dates: The exact dates of the event are still to be determined, but we expect they will revolve around the scheduled dates of December 8-10, 2020. Committee meetings will be hosted earlier in the week, sessions and expo will take place after and be available for replay after the event.
Call for Presenters: The push to move communications and content virtual over these past several months has created the avenue for qualified presenters from all over the country to present remotely, bringing content we may not have seen before. If you have specific recommendations for content you’d like to see, or would like to present something yourself – please email Sarah at shill@agcnys.org for further information. Please note, these workshops/panels should be educational in nature, not product solicitations.
Sponsorships: We believe this platform will provide unique sponsorship opportunities to get your company’s information in front of the best in the industry across the whole of New York State. If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact Cathy at cnewell@agcnys.org to be notified of our opportunities before the general public.
We will continue to monitor public health data and government restrictions and guidance with an eye toward providing appropriate opportunities to connect and engage in-person as part of the Industry Conference, as we know that networking and camaraderie are an important part of the experience for all of us. However, at this time, the prospects for that are far too uncertain for us to not take steps to deliver content virtually.
We look forward to updating you with more information—and seeing you, virtually or otherwise, in December!

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