AccuWeather snow alerts now available for establishments facing winter weather challenges

New subscription service for small- to medium-sized schools, municipalities, ski areas and businesses delivers critical, proactive alerts ahead of snow and ice events to improve awareness and planning
AccuWeather Global Weather Center – AccuWeather, the world’s most accurate and best-known weather source today debuted AccuWeather Snow Alerts,  a new, innovative and affordable service especially designed to help small- to medium-sized establishments and institutions, including small- to-medium-sized businesses, school districts, ski areas and municipalities, overcome challenges brought by disruptive winter weather. Created specifically to help businesses impacted by snow and ice at their precise service locations, AccuWeather Snow Alerts provide the most complete, timely and detailed weather information with AccuWeather’s proven Superior Accuracy.

The service has two distinct, valuable, and synergistic components – e-mail notifications for snow and ice that are sent directly to clients’ mobile phones, and a complementary comprehensive website that serves as a personalized dashboard, organized with the most important details, clear graphical displays, and updated minute by minute. 
Localized and customizable, the event-based alerts, which focus on each client’s predefined criteria, are delivered up to 5 days in advance of snow and ice events. Alerts highlight necessary details that organizations deem relevant to make the best decisions when severe winter weather threatens. AccuWeather’s  Snow Alerts service was developed as a solution specifically for snow contractors, bus services, landscapers, small municipalities, and other organizations whose operations are vulnerable to or depend on winter’s snow and ice.
In addition, the service provides clients the option to monitor multiple locations, providing deep insights on a localized scale wherever their interests may exist. Supplementing the email is a simple-to-use, personalized website hub of relevant particulars and information, which includes the most important storm details in a single glance, saving customers time and expense when important decisions need to be made quickly and efficiently.
“AccuWeather Snow Alerts put an abundance of winter storm information for key decision-makers front and center with clear, detailed information directly from our team of expert meteorologists who are business weather experts,” said AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist, Jonathan Porter. “By providing timely and localized snow and ice alerts to businesses, schools and smaller municipalities days in advance, we can help optimize operations and create meaningful efficiencies for crew scheduling, equipment needs and supply chain demands, resulting in a higher degree of confidence for decisions that must be made in an instant.”
Porter added that subscribers to the new service are benefiting from AccuWeather’s nearly six decades of experience honing its proprietary method of weather forecast accuracy, its superior collection of weather data models, the expertise of over 125 AccuWeather meteorologists and its use of the latest technological inputs and advances—including AI and machine learning—in addition to AccuWeather’s focus on impact and how threatening weather is communicated to people, organizations and communities.
For a small annual fee, subscribers will receive start and end times and total accumulation of snow and ice, a predicted analysis of the heaviest snowfall times, specific precipitation changeover times from snow to ice to rain, hourly temperature and wind updates, future forecasts communicating the expected temperature and weather conditions following the storm, and more.
These affordable alerts meet the budgets and balance sheets of small- to medium-sized businesses, schools and small municipalities, and provide a choice of a basic package or a more customized version for a nominal price increase.
AccuWeather Snow Alerts are the first in a planned succession of subscription products from AccuWeather For Business to meet the specific weather needs of small- to medium-sized organizations. To sign up or learn more about AccuWeather Snow Alert service please visit

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