2019-2020 New York State Executive Budget Summary

FY 2020 Executive Budget Proposal Totals $175.2 Billion
Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed 2019-20 Executive Budget includes a spending plan of $175.2 billion and legislative proposals with a direct impact on the construction industry. Capital spending remains on target for transportation, economic development environmental and health care infrastructure. The Executive Budget includes a five-year $150 billion infrastructure plan to rebuild transportation, mass transit systems, educational, health care, environmental, and community facilities. The Executive Budget advances congestion pricing for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). The Governor proposed and additional $2.5 billion investment to support drinking water and wastewater infrastructure, and source water protection initiatives. State University of New York (SUNY) and City University of New York (CUNY) capital funding is at prior year levels. The Governor called for legislation to broadly define public work, which will likely require prevailing wages on state funded projects, but did not include a specific proposal.
Legislative proposals include: extensive amendments for the MWBE program; expanding design-build authority to additional state entities; congestion pricing in Manhattan; recreational marijuana; expanded pre-audit authority by the State Comptroller and Office of Inspector General; permanently enact and expand design-build contracting; prohibiting political donations from state contractors; and other initiatives listed below in this summary.
The Executive Budget process and key Budget document formats are governed by the State Constitution, with additional details and actions prescribed by state laws and practices established over time. The State’s budget process is governed primarily by Article VII of the New York State Constitution. Article VII requires the Governor to submit a budget detailing a plan of expenditures and an estimate of revenues for the upcoming fiscal year, bills containing all proposed appropriations and reappropriations, and other legislation needed to implement the Executive Budget.
The following summary provides a broad overview of projected capital appropriations and required legislation for infrastructure and general business proposals. The AGC NYS team will keep you apprised of negotiations with the Executive Chamber, Legislature, industry groups and forthcoming amendments to the Executive Budget. Upon final approval, AGC NYS will provide a complete summary of the 2019-20 New York State Budget.
For the full 2019-20 Executive Budget Summary, click here.

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