2016 TCIA Expo

The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) held their annual expo in Baltimore, MD Nov. 10-12. Billed as the world’s largest tree care show and conference, the association was there in force to promote members’ businesses, safety, arboriculture in general and to offer previews of the latest in tree care equipment.

From rigging components, PPE and safety gear to shredding technology, mobile tree trimming equipment, boom and lift vehicles and everything in between — all things Tree Care were on display and available for purchase. Not to mention the more than 85 hours of educational classes focusing on business and safety issues, and as a courtesy to the attendees, TCI submitted the educational programs ahead of time to various industry organizations for CEU approval. All attendees needed to do was attend the presentations and submit the earned class code to their respective organizations.

As Andy Ross, chair of the TCIA Board of Directors mentioned, there is nowhere else to “find hundreds of exhibitors, a show floor packed with the latest tree care tech and equipment and seminars, forums and workshops tailored to your tree care business needs.”

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