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  • M-Series proves itself in Brazilian surface mining operations

    Founded in 1998, Máquina Solo is a Brazilian company which specializes in supplying foundation, geotechnical, mining and environmental equipment throughout the country. Considered to be one of the leading specialist equipment distributors in Brazil, the company, which began operations supplying hydraulic hammers, now acts as the representative for 14 leading manufacturers, supplying over twenty four […]

    The U.S.’s most commonly recycled material? Asphalt Pavements

    Nationwide in 2016, more than 79 million tons of recycled materials used in asphalt pavements; one-third of asphalt pavements produced as energy-saving warm mix LANHAM, MD — Of all the materials recycled in the United States, nothing is recycled as consistently as asphalt pavement mixture. The latest survey of asphalt mix producers finds that more […]