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  • Leica Geosystems increases productivity with intelligent MSS400 Series Sensors

    HEERBRUGG, SWITZERLAND — Leica Geosystems, industry leader of reality capture and measurement technology, announced the launch of the Leica MSS400 Series Sensors. Ensuring speed, performance, precision and productivity (SP), the MSS400 Series Sensors incorporate SP Technology that allows faster digging without loss of precision at higher speeds for even more productivity from your excavator machine […]

    GSSI announces a new UtilityScan GPR system for quickly identifying and marking utility location and depth

    GSSI announces a new UtilityScan™ GPR system, adding an affordable model to the industry standard system for efficiently identifying and marking the location and depth of subsurface utilities. The new UtilityScan features innovative technology never before available in the marketplace. The compact size makes it extremely portable and easy to maneuver in tight survey areas.

    Soil compactors feature innovative technology to meet contractor’s needs

    by Jon M. Casey Contractors, who are in the market for soil compacting equipment, will find a number of specialized machines designed for site prep work. This overview will touch on some of the latest features on five compactor brands. Single drum compaction rollers, are the primary configuration for self-propelled, ride-on units.